Who We Are

Mission Statement:

Neptune's Defenders mission is to be the eyes and ears for the world’s oceans and waterways. We are an organization that has no political or geographical allegiance. We are bound by a shared love of the water and it’s inhabitants. We are fishermen, divers, surfers, swimmers, boaters, and enthusiasts of the water lifestyle. 

We have formed and organized our efforts because of threats to the oceans, waterways, their creatures, and our way of life by reckless entities and uncontrollable events that have taken a toll on our bodies of water and way of life. We will serve as a watchdog for the water and focus efforts on documentation, education, and preservation. 

Through documentation, education, and preservation we hope to instill in others the love of the water that we share and to treat our largest resource covering 70% of the globe with the care that it deserves.

Founded in June, 2010 after the Gulf Oil Spill by:

Mark Reuter
Michael Tucci
Michael McGourin