Thursday, February 24, 2011

Diving with sharks: up close and personal

Check out this diver's enlightening personal experience! AU

I CAN see about 5m in the chilly, turbid depths, but the shadow forming in front of me is unmistakable. Drawing closer, it gradually morphs into the nightmarish apparition that sends swimmers and divers into spasms of panic.

It's a shark and a big one.
"Relax, stay still," I tell myself and I deliberately slow my breathing, but my heart pays no attention.
It swims straight for me, mouth agape and full of teeth as sharp as razor blades. My discomfort increases as it becomes clear the fearsome creature is not changing direction and now he's close enough to stare at me.
He's not cruising alone either. Two wingmen escort him in formation.
I duck for cover behind a rock in a futile attempt to hide as they cruise past within arm's reach, our eyes locked in a steady gaze.
The slim, streamlined body is the result of 400 million years of evolution and perfectly formed, the tail barely moving as if propelled by some hidden device.


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