Friday, April 1, 2011

Aussie shares wave with monster Great White!

Awesome picture! Respect nature but follow your passion. Nothing keeps this guy or us out of the water. Well maybe.... Story provided by Martin Brody

This is the adrenaline-pumping moment surfer Fergal Smith catches a ‘tube’ completely unaware he is sharing the wave with a Great White shark.
Mr Smith, 21, from Ireland was surfing two miles off the coast of Perth in Western Australia when he found himself just a few feet from the 500-pound monster.

The holidaymaker only realized his close encounter when photographer Phil Gallagher showed him the photo of the shark lurking under the water in front of Mr. Smith’s surfboard.
Australia’s Surfing Life magazine has awarded the Irishman ‘Euro surf-dude of the month’. ‘Just imagine being in the barrel and looking at a massive shark like you’re at the bloody aquarium or something,’ the magazine’s website said.

Since 1876 the Great White shark has been responsible for 65 deaths, and 242 recorded non-fatal attacks worldwide. Australia has had the most fatal Great White Shark attacks in the world, with 27 deaths – the most recent in 2005.


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