Friday, October 8, 2010

Interview with Jason Coffrin

Neptune’s Defenders had an opportunity to sit down with Jason Coffrin, owner and operator of Mr. Trigger Sport fishing in Flaming/Carrillo Costa Rica, and ask him a few questions. Jason was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida and started fishing when he was 2 years old and hasn’t stopped since. Jason says, “Fishing for me has been a mission not a hobby.”

Mr. Trigger Sport fishing in Flaming/Carrillo Costa Rica specializes in family fishing, inshore grouper fishing, and Roosterfish. Jason actually holds the unofficial world

record Roosterfish released unharmed at 157lbs. Jason also specializes in Marlin: Blues, Blacks, Stripes, Sailfish, Yellow fin tuna, Wahoo, and Mahi Mahi.

Neptune’s Defenders: Jason when did you first start fishing; was it saltwater, freshwater, or both?

Jason Coffrin: I have been fishing for 28 years since I was 2 years old. My first fish was a catfish in a cow pond and now I’m chasing the dream of a 2000lb Marlin in Costa Rica.

ND: What made you decide that you wanted to be a fishing guide for a living and

what made you choose Costa Rica?

JC: I had a serious back surgery in 2007 where I was in bed for 7 months, followed

by a crazy near death car accident 2 weeks later. That’s when I put the dream

together, to head to Costa Rica to pursue bill fishing. I was there in 2005 working

with a friend on his boat to help out and also a mate on a dive boat. That is why

I chose Costa Rica. Also the different species of Marlin: Blues, Blacks, Stripes, and

Sail fish all year round. So in 2007 I bought a really beat up 26 Morgan and

rebuilt it with the help of friends at Ingman Marine in Sarasota FL. I Couldn’t

have done it with out them!

ND: Do you practice sustainable fishing with catch and release of Billfish?

JC: I am a stickler when it comes to releasing Billfish! I do tag bill fish for the

Bill Fish Foundation, and even have been know many times for jumping in

and swimming with these giants until they are ready to go. Check for photos of that!

ND: What fish would you say is the most over-fished in Costa Rica?

JC: Tuna by far is the most over fished. We sometimes have large tuna schools

headed in our direction and are cut off by certain boats; the schools are totally


ND: What fish would you say is the most endangered or negatively impacted

from fishing in CR.

JC: My opinion, Marlin and Tuna.

ND: What good eating fish is in the most abundance in CR?

JC: Mahi Mahi and Grouper are all over, you just have to go with the right Captain…Mr. Trigger (smiles).

ND: In your opinion, does anyone give fishermen a bad name in CR? If so,


JC: Some fishermen give others a bad name straight up through jealousy…

I’m a huge target being young, new, and a fish catcher, but there a ton more

willing to help all the time! I’ve only experienced the jealousy in CR...everywhere else has been straight up help! It’s an awesome ride!

ND: What is the one thing people need to know about fishing in CR that they

probably don’t know about?

JC: Mr. Trigger Sport fishing is the way to go if you want to have a great time with

your family, wife, kids, friends, or going for that record marlin of any kind. We

are the boat for you. Supplying fun and memories for everyone on the planet!

ND: If money were no concern, how would you advise a friend on how to get the most

out of a 3-5 day trip to CR?

JC: Contact me on; I will put together a trip of a lifetime!

I’d be happy to help anyone. Stay in the nicest hotel and if you are targeting that

trophy catch, come when the Captain wants you to. The Captain knows when

you are going to get that memorable catch!

ND: If money were extremely tight, how would you advise a friend on how to get the

most out of a 3-5 day trip to CR?

JC: I have several small places to stay in my area and I would gladly set you up

in one. We can talk about our fishing if you tell me a little about you. Anyone

can come to Costa Rica and have a dream vacation. We will help you out at

ND: If you had to estimate, how many people, tourists, or locals take Billfish

to put on their wall or eat?

JC: We have our Billfish mounted by King Sail fish mounts and all fish are released,

I do a photo and measurements and that is the only thing sent in. As far as eating,

no one kills one on my boat for that purpose! Locals, I’m not sure, I stay out of

that…tourists…most boats have the same beliefs as I do on the matter. Billfish keep our sport alive.

ND: What is your best fishing story?

JC: I was fishing the PTTS in Boca Grand for tarpon and had a free jumping tarpon

hit me in the face while I was in the chair fishing. It estimated over 170lbs. It hit me

so hard, I broke the steel chair off the boat. I also had the guys

down, Hook Harmeling and Brooks Anderson. I hooked a Blue Marlin in the tower

and it spooled a 30lb. class reel in 10 seconds flat, 2 times. I fought it for 4 hours in a storm with 5-foot waves. We got it up and chased it at 25 mph until it spooled us again, jumped 13 times then dove again to chase bait…that is a BAD fish! Those are truly monsters of the sea. I get tips and techniques from the great Bart Miller, CEO and founder of Black Bart lures. Everyone that has caught a Billfish on plastic has heard of him. Now he is teaching me. The man is a marvel!

ND: Any close calls or hairy situations while living outside the US?

JC: I have had no problems living outside the US, the people are great and the food is


ND: Outside of fishing, what is your favorite outdoor activity to do in CR?

JC: Working on my boat! That’s all I do, I’m eaten up with it!

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