Thursday, August 12, 2010

SurfExplorer USA app for iPhone

This app is a great tool for any surfer, just remember iPhones aren't waterproof.

"This is a precision tool designed to help you find the best waves each time you go surfing. It combines a comprehensive and accurate database of surf spots with live swell, wind and tide data. Every thirty minutes our proprietary algorithms score the quality of the waves at each spot based on the current conditions, so you can see when it’s best to check specific spots.

Access to the Spots section of the app is only available to premium members, while the rest of the app is available for everyone to use.

Automatically record current conditions and photos when you check the waves and share your reports instantly with your friends. Each log entry teaches SurfExplorer how to find waves that meet your personal preferences, so the more you log, the more accurate your personal scores will be."


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