Tuesday, August 3, 2010

35 Foot Dive Into 12 Inches of Water!!

This is ridiculous, check this out!

"Darren Taylor, or Professor Splash as he likes to be known, has smashed his own world record for the highest dive into just 12 inches of water. This is now the third time he's broken his previous Guinness World Record.

Apparently he uses a kind of belly flop technique, which he claims helps him "skip across the water" as he's landing. Quite how I'm not sure. But, like any true pro he's keen to offer out a word of wisdom to any wannabe Professor Splashs, saying that the key to his success is "experience and research" and that, unsurprisingly, what he does isn't easy."

Check out You Tube video of the dive here
To read full article check out current.com


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