Tuesday, July 13, 2010

9 Real Ways to Stand Up to BP

Many of us may no longer be filling our tanks at BP, but are we really making a difference? Check out the article over at Change.org to see what simple steps you can make to prevent another oil spill disaster.

"While BP might have cut corners to compromise safety standards, there’s one undeniable reason the company was drilling miles below the Gulf: To satisfy our insatiable desire for oil. For each time we chose to drive one-quarter mile instead of walk, BP was drilling away to make our lives a little more convenient.

Until we live in a solar energy paradise, those passionate among us should strive to give up a few conveniences for the chance to stop rapid global warming, prevent future oil spills and leave the Earth just slightly more intact for future generations.

Simply put, protesting at a BP gas station won’t change our oil addiction."


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