Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Experts Back Law Banning Shark Fishing

Is it time to put a ban on shark fishing? Many animals have come under the protection of over hunting. Perhaps it is time we look into protecting one of the least most feared.

"A dangerous man-eater, a great source of shark hash or a symbol of human cruelty and the exploitation of the ocean?

The sight of an 11ft tiger shark being chopped up on a Somerset dock this week evoked powerful emotions.

While neighbourhood children jostled to have their pictures taken with the shark, others voiced concerns that an endangered animal had apparently been slaughtered for sport.

Michael Burke, who runs SCUBA firm Blue Water Diving, believes Bermuda should follow in the footsteps of Palau and the Maldives and protect sharks through legislation."

Head over to the Bermuda Sun for the whole article.


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