Saturday, July 24, 2010

BP Tries To Limit Release of Oil Spill Research

This article illustrates why there is a need to have organizations and scientist out there that will expose the truth. This is a must read. Why do the findings need to be hidden for 3 years BP??? Are you hoping people and their short term memories forget about this fiasco???

"Faced with hundreds of lawsuits and a deep need for experts, BP has been offering some Gulf Coast scientists lucrative consulting contracts that bar them from releasing their findings on the company's massive oil spill for three years.

Some scientists say the contracts constrain academic freedom. A few signed the agreements, then changed their minds. "I personally wouldn't care to have my research limited, but if I wanted to do work on the spill and this was the only way I could get out there and get working on it, I don't think there's a lot of alternatives," said Chris D'Elia, dean of the Louisiana State University School of the Coast and Environment.

Many scientists are turning down these contracts because they feel this research needs to be shared with the public, it needs to be shared with the government," said Nelson, whose group represents about 48,000 academics."

The rest of the article can be found here.


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